Sunday, December 19

Lithuanian (AltGr) keyboard for Windows

In GNU/Linux I usually use an AltGr-based keyboard layout for entering Lithuanian characters. That is, you can enter Lithuanian diacritics by holding down AltGr (right Alt)). I had lived with separate modes for entering English and Lithuanian until I found out that having a single layout was a huge relief.

Windows does ship with a Lithuanian layout where AltGr switches to English characters, but I use the English layout much more, so I need it the other way around. So, I grabbed Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator and made the layout I needed. The result is available on a GitHub repository. You may also download the installer directly.

In Linux, keymaps, being plain text files, are more transparent, but to be fair, in this case the Windows way wins. Not only do you get a GUI tool to create the layout, but also an installer can be generated automatically for deployment of the layout.

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miroslaw said...

Now in Windows you don't have the compose key. Try it on Linux: press compose key followed by (capital) C C C P ;-)