Monday, May 24

Riga marathon

I participated in the Riga marathon and ran the full 42km! The time (4:39) isn't great at all, but I'm happy to have finished at all!


Muchikon Extremo said...

Congrats, I used to run but in the highlands
well done !!!

Anonymous said...

very very impressive, well done!

bubulle said...

W00t. Welcome to the world of crazy geek marathoners..:-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm also a long-distance runner, and I know how much effort and determination you need to be able to run 26 miles / 42 kilometres. You should be very proud of your achievement. Jaime :-) said...

Padūkėlis :)
Pasigailėjau, kad Vilniaus maratone nedalyvavau.

Pagal kokią programą ruošeisi. Paprastai nesunkiai nubėgu apie 15-20 km, bet iki 40 reiktų padirbėt. Papasakok daugiau :)

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

Hmm, this post seems to have been stuck unpublished for a while now, and it only got published now. Sorry about that everyone!

Aphex: iš manęs ruošimosi geriau nesimokyti :) Bėgiojau kas kelios dienos po 10-20 km. Jei 20 nubėgi nesunkiai, tai 40 irgi nubėgsi, reikia tik atsargiau bėgti, neforsuoti.

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