Wednesday, December 16

Android apps

I've recently gotten myself an Android phone. The Android app market is not as mature as iPhone's App Store, but there is a lot of applications, and plenty of chaff to separate the wheat from. I found most of the apps I use by browsing "top Android apps" lists on the web, so I am putting up a similar list here in case someone finds it useful.

  • Everyday apps
    • Astrid Task/Todo List - a great To-Do list app that integrates with Remember The Milk
    • Quick Calendar - an "upcoming events" widget
    • CardioTrainer - nice jogging app, records routes using GPS, integrates with music player
  • Language tools
    • Thesaurus Free - a thesaurus
    • Free Dictionary Org - reference dictionary
    • QuickDic German Dictionary - an English-German-English dictionary
  • Media content
    • Listen - an app to find audio content online
    • Mother TED - search and view TED talks
    • TuneWiki - music, song lyrics
  • Games
    • Lumbricidae - guide a worm using your accelerometer
    • Flying High - plane flying (also accelerometer-based)
    • miniMatcher - memory game
    • Iconic Memory - another memory game
  • Cool apps
    • Phonalyzr - pretty phone call (and SMS) stats
    • Shazam - identify a song by recording a short snippet; possibly one of the coolest apps available
    • SnapTell - look up product information by scanning a barcode (or even by snapping a photo!)
    • Backgrounds - background images
    • Google Sky Map - shows constellations
    • Layar Reality Browser 3.0 - a fancy-looking Augmented Reality app
  • Music
    • Sonorox - tune composition for everyone (the pentatonic scale is great, isn't it?)
    • Loops! Lite - another music composition app
    • Tuner - gStrings - a guitar tuner
  • Miscellaneous
    • Task Manager - a process monitor utility, useful for checking up on app resource usage
    • Currency - a currency converter
    • Sleep Logger - a very simple, but useful app for tracking your sleep habits


directhex said...

You don't have Shopsavvy? I thought everyone had that one!

Marius Gedminas said...

And I've got the Maemo 5 phone -- Nokia N900. Let's meet for lunch some time and compare.

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

directhex: Shopsavvy is not much use here in Lithuania...

Marius: sure, we could.

mirabilos said...

If you have Terminal, there’s mksh (MirBSD Korn Shell) for Android as well, but not in some kind of application store; either build it yourself or use precompiled binaries.

tori said...

What phone (manufacturer, model) did you get?

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

It's an HTC Hero. I'm quite happy about the hardware. Although the camera is lacking, most everything else is fine.

Hari said...
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Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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