Wednesday, March 4

Peer reviewed blogging

Here's an idea: what if there was a website where you could upload a topical blog post, which would then be reviewed and edited by experts in the area and then posted on that website? Such a process would ensure that articles are at least well-named, appropriately tagged, well-structured and not methodologically deficient, and could result in a database of articles of decent quality. Would you upload your blog posts that are juicier in terms of content to such a site? Would you volunteer to do reviews and editing?


Anonymous said...

you mean like slashdot?

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

No. Slashdot does not edit articles, nor does it ensure content quality.

wo said...

You mean like wikipedia?

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

Wikipedia is (trying to be) an encyclopedia. It covers things sub specie aeternitatis, therefore it requires careful citation, unbiased, essentially timeless information on timeless subjects. It's not really a place to post, say, a DBMS benchmark or a nice Python solution for a frequent problem. It also does not have blog-like tagging, nor does it have a review board, so less popular articles are of lower quality and less reliable. So, no, not like Wikipedia.

Domas Monkus said...

Had the same idea some time ago. The only difference was that mine was a bit more specialized - to create a tool for aspiring scientific journalists.

The idea was to have the articles reviewed by members of the community, adding their comments and evaluation to the article as a sort of metadata.

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