Wednesday, December 16

Android apps

I've recently gotten myself an Android phone. The Android app market is not as mature as iPhone's App Store, but there is a lot of applications, and plenty of chaff to separate the wheat from. I found most of the apps I use by browsing "top Android apps" lists on the web, so I am putting up a similar list here in case someone finds it useful.

  • Everyday apps
    • Astrid Task/Todo List - a great To-Do list app that integrates with Remember The Milk
    • Quick Calendar - an "upcoming events" widget
    • CardioTrainer - nice jogging app, records routes using GPS, integrates with music player
  • Language tools
    • Thesaurus Free - a thesaurus
    • Free Dictionary Org - reference dictionary
    • QuickDic German Dictionary - an English-German-English dictionary
  • Media content
    • Listen - an app to find audio content online
    • Mother TED - search and view TED talks
    • TuneWiki - music, song lyrics
  • Games
    • Lumbricidae - guide a worm using your accelerometer
    • Flying High - plane flying (also accelerometer-based)
    • miniMatcher - memory game
    • Iconic Memory - another memory game
  • Cool apps
    • Phonalyzr - pretty phone call (and SMS) stats
    • Shazam - identify a song by recording a short snippet; possibly one of the coolest apps available
    • SnapTell - look up product information by scanning a barcode (or even by snapping a photo!)
    • Backgrounds - background images
    • Google Sky Map - shows constellations
    • Layar Reality Browser 3.0 - a fancy-looking Augmented Reality app
  • Music
    • Sonorox - tune composition for everyone (the pentatonic scale is great, isn't it?)
    • Loops! Lite - another music composition app
    • Tuner - gStrings - a guitar tuner
  • Miscellaneous
    • Task Manager - a process monitor utility, useful for checking up on app resource usage
    • Currency - a currency converter
    • Sleep Logger - a very simple, but useful app for tracking your sleep habits

Monday, September 28

Piano improv #2

Here's a recording of a recent improvisation. It's very simple, but I'm quite happy with it.

Thursday, May 14


A friend of mine has recently launched a contact lens e-shop, It only ships in Lithuania at the moment, but if you're based here, have a look, you might find it useful.

Wednesday, April 15

Piano improv

My today's experiments on piano:

Wednesday, March 4

Peer reviewed blogging

Here's an idea: what if there was a website where you could upload a topical blog post, which would then be reviewed and edited by experts in the area and then posted on that website? Such a process would ensure that articles are at least well-named, appropriately tagged, well-structured and not methodologically deficient, and could result in a database of articles of decent quality. Would you upload your blog posts that are juicier in terms of content to such a site? Would you volunteer to do reviews and editing?