Wednesday, March 12

Launchpad translation synchronization

Ubuntu package translation storage in Launchpad used to annoy me, primarily because the synchronization workflow between Launchpad and upstream was unclear. My questions have been partly answered on Launchpad Answers. Others working with translations in Launchpad might be interested in this information.

Here's another tip for translation coordinators. I used to worry about translation pollution in Launchpad, until I found that you can clean up efficiently by sorting packages by the number of translations changed locally in Launchpad (to try it out, you can go here and click twice on the "Changed" column). Click on the number of changed translations in a given package and you will be presented with a list of the changed translations, which you can reset to upstream versions one by one by choosing "packaged" versions. It seems to be a good idea to perform such a cleanup once in a while, to keep the amount of cruft to a minimum.

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