Saturday, March 29

"Home" toolbar button on Firefox 3

The "Home" toolbar button seems to have been removed from the default configuration of Firefox 3. Moreover, it not trivial to get it back as it is not available in the "Customize toolbar" list of optional buttons either. It turns out that to add it you have to drag it from the bookmarks instead.


Adrian Bridgett said...

I'm sure it will be explained as an "improvement".

Quite how it's an improvement when technical people can't find it easily I've no idea. I don't imagine non-technical people find it any more easily...

Giedrius said...

Actually most of the times the first thing that I do with FireFox is to remove home button (and ome other stuff). Most of the time when I need my home ( I just type it in. Also Alt+Home helps.

Thought I agree, hiding it away is not the best idea. Removing? Well, I am not sure.