Monday, August 14

Localization coordination for Debian #6

With the deadline approaching, it appears that my productivity is rising. Seems like the typical efficiency=1/days_left (and at T=0 my brain explodes).

Basically I'm happy with what I have for DDTP. It will need some testing to replace the current system. One thing that I would like to have is package priorities: this has some support in the old system. I am not sure how to approach this yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Anyway, this is not a priority and will probably be settled after the deadline.

Priorities for next (and last) week are to get the relational backend running and to write a guide to the API. I have already started work on the RDB backend. I am using SQLAlchemy as the wrapper. A nice side-effect is that SQLAlchemy supports SQLite, which means that getting the thing to run would be a snap, without requiring fancy configuration of MySQL or PostgreSQL. On the other hand, having these options allows better scalability as the database and the web server(s) can be separated. As for the guide, I am aiming for a style similar to library documentation on I expect no trouble here because I already have some experience with LATEX.

Last but not least, I have to remember to clean up quite a few leftover TODO and XXX markers in the things that I have. Most of them are benign, however.

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