Friday, June 30

Localization coordination for Debian #3

This time the weekly report is late, sorry about that. I spent the better part of the week without access to the internet.

I did have my computer with me, and I have worked a bit on the Pootle backend API, which was received without major complaints on the Pootle mailing list. There were some very slight changes to the interfaces. Most importantly I whipped up a simple proof-of-concept implementation of the interfaces. That revealed a few more small problems, but now I am confident that the interfaces are consistent and can actually be implemented. This demo implementation is not persistent, but it might be useful as a base for other implementations and in tests, or it could be trivially made persistent with use of pickle.

The current API and the implementation are in the Pootle CVS repository (see here).

Next, I will attempt to wrap .po file classes that Pootle currently has. Implementing basic functionality should not be very difficult there, especially with recent changes by David Fraser.

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