Tuesday, June 20

Localization coordination for Debian #2

I sent a new revision of the suggested translation storage API to the mailing list, addressing all the shortcomings that have been pointed out. Hopefully it will not change much any more and I can start working on an implementation this week.

My plan is to first produce a very simple pickle-based implementation of the API. This should be relatively quick to build and would highlight the weak points of the API. I think that this can be finished this week. After that (and possibly revisions to the API) comes the important part: writing a nice wrapper for the existing pofile class. This should not take too long either, another week at most (especially since my exams would already be over).

When a .po-based implementation is in place, the fun starts. I'd then like to try to have another application that concurrently uses Pootle's backend storage (currently po-based). Another week of work.

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