Monday, March 21

Poetry in Translation

I have recently discovered a very funny page which abuses Google translation services to get really funny results. Ever found oddly simple insights in automatic translation? Well, there's a fair dose of them in Poetry in Translation, which translates English to German to French to German to English. The comments section is a bit indecent, but there are some outright hilarious results:

  • "I have a broken heart" -> "I have a defective heart"
  • "Get busy living, get busy dying" -> "If you receive a life employed, you receive death employed"
  • "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." -> "the fast brown fox jumped on the putrefied dog."
  • "Just die, why don't you?" -> "Cubic straight lines, why not him?"
  • "you won't fool the children of the revolution" -> "children of rotation tromp you"
  • "the pen is mightier" -> "the feather is more powerful"
  • "Oh how i love my girl" -> "How how my girl is expensive!"
  • "One for all, all for one" -> "For all, all"
  • "Be Afraid, Very Afraid" -> "Have fear very timidly,"