Sunday, January 30

Time bug in kernel 2.6.10

The kernel 2.6.10 has an uncanny ability to lose track of time when it is sleeping. Whenever I would suspend my computer and then wake it up, I would find the clock hours or even days ahead from reality.

I tried to circumvent the problem with hwclock, but that made things even worse. Evolution would get extremely confused the moment I resumed my laptop and it would suck up all CPU and then some. In the end I would have to switch to a text console, login (wait 20 seconds for the prompt to come up), killall evolution evolution-alarm-notify evolution-data-server-1.0, wait another 5 seconds for the processes to actually get killed and then see the flurry of messages from modules being loaded by my resume script.

To fix the timeshifting problem I had to modify the code as described in this LKML post. The fix is in 2.6.11pre. If you decide to try out 2.6.10, and you use suspend, make sure to apply the patch.

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