Wednesday, January 26


Since I found out about Gnome Blog, had a look, liked what I saw, and then discovered the fact that it could not set post titles on, I have been looking around for other blog applications that can cooperate with I have found several, and finally settled with PyQLogger.

While PyQLogger does not look as neat as Gnome Blog, it is quite functional. It uses a smart interface to - posts can also be retrieved from, edited and republished without touching the web browser. I really liked the idea of saving unfinished drafts. HTML highlighting and easily accessible post preview are quite nice to have. Spellchecking is also supported, although it is not very convenient.

Since PyQLogger is based on PyQt, it does not blend in with my Gnome desktop, but I do not really mind. There are many worse things. The interface is a bit overcrowded. There are some very annoying bugs. The hyperlink dialog is buggy (the "Cancel" button works as "OK", and the "OK" button does not work at all). And it is annoying that Home/End keys jump to the start / end of the paragraph rather than the active line. The OSD library seems to be used out of plain vanity in situations where a statusbar message would do.

Still, PyQLogger does its job. If someone weeded the bugs out and cleaned up the interface, it would be excellent. For now, it is acceptable, but still better than most of the other clients I have tried.

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