Thursday, January 27

Nasty memory leak in X

Quite recently a friend of mine has found the cause of a leak in X that has been plaguing me for ages. The problem is that the X cursor library does not free animated cursors properly. As a result, my X server would hoard hundreds of megabytes of RAM after a few days of use.

If you are using an animated mouse cursor theme, you might want to check if you are affected (most machines seem not to be for reasons that I have not yet found out). Run top and find the XFree86 process (you might want to sort by memory usage by pressing M). Then have a look at the value in the 'RES' column (it is typical for X to hoard lots of virtual memory, so you should not pay attention to the other values). If it is significantly more than about 40m, chances are that you are experiencing the aforementioned leak. I would suggest working around the issue for now by switching to standard non-animated X cursors.

More information about the bug and a sample application to reproduce the problem is available in the Debian bug tracking system. As far as I can see, the problem has not yet been fixed. By the way, my tests indicate that the problem is pertinent to X.Org too.

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