Monday, January 24


I have recently come across an interesting project called JScheme, which, as far as I understand, is something similar to Jython, but for the Scheme language. As Scheme syntax differs a lot from Java (Python syntax is very similar in comparison), JScheme adopted special syntax called the Java dot notation to manipulate Java objects, which is quite simple but adequate.

Since JScheme is implemented in Java, you can run it as an applet too. An online demo is available. The interface is cumbersome and ugly, but enough to demonstrate the concept.


Anonymous said...

Days back, Kawa was pretty interesting. It is also written in Java (by folks in former Cygnus). Anyway, for myself, I still found MIT Scheme and Guile pretty enough. Especially bearing that MIT's one can compile to native code, no more comments are needed on how slow Java version works.
Anyway, Scheme's nice.

Gintautas Miliauskas said...

I thought that JScheme was interesting not just because that it's a Scheme interpreter in Java (there are lots of Scheme interpretations in various languages). I found the possibility to access Java's libraries from Scheme code fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Right, that's interesting feature. Kawa also has that ( Honestly, JScheme features better syntax for interaction with Java classes, but using Scheme for that is more-ideological question ;-)

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